VAT Pricing Statement

In his speech on the 8th July 2020, the Chancellor made a very welcomed, albeit unexpected, announcement to effectively reduce VAT to 5% (from Wednesday 14th July 2020).

From our perspective, it is clear that this measure has been designed to (a) support the recovery of lost revenue due to our 103-day closure, (b) contribute to the operational costs we have incurred during this period, along with our commitment to retain our team and (c) assist with the escalating investments we are making to ensure that our parks meet all COVID compliance guidelines, as set out by the Government.

To our valued holidaymakers, essentially this means our pricing policy will remain unaffected by this change; instead, we commit to:

  • Maintaining our ‘brochure’ pricing policy; unlike a number of other holiday park operators, we will not increase our pricing in an attempt to recover lost revenue and/or cost associated with our COVID response
  • Apportion said benefit to ensure the safety of you, your party and fellow guests,  along with our team members, whilst within a Leisure Resorts park environment

We appreciate that our position may lead to discussion and debate, however as a business that prides itself on transparency, we hope that offering our rationale will foster understanding and support.

Thank you in advance.

Leisure Resorts