Ownership FAQs

Where can I view your holiday homes for sale?

To view our wide range of holiday homes for sale at Angrove, Aysgarth & Ullswater Heights, please click here.

Can I let friends and family use my holiday home?

Yes, of course. However, we expect all guests at your holiday home to abide by the park rules, and as the owner, you will be held responsible for the behaviour of all guests you allow to use your holiday home.

It is important to note that subletting your holiday home/lodge is strictly forbidden unless your holiday home/lodge has been purchased with a ‘sublet option’, with a signed agreement & permissions in place.

How many months of the year can I enjoy my holiday home?

At Leisure Resorts, we take pride in offering year-round availability, allowing you to enjoy your holiday home/lodge, our facilities and amenities throughout all four seasons. However, it is important to note that our park is not intended for use as a permanent residence.

While you are welcome to spend extended periods at our parks, we kindly ask that you comply with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the relevant authorities regarding the use of holiday homes/lodges. These guidelines are in place to maintain the intended purpose of our parks and ensure the best possible experience for all owners & guests.

By respecting these regulations, we can continue to provide a vibrant and dynamic environment for our valued owners, ensuring that Leisure Resorts remains a place of relaxation and leisure throughout the year.

Can I live permanently in a lodge all year round?

Unfortunately not. At Leisure Resorts, our parks operate on a 12-month holiday license and not a residential license. This means that while you are welcome to spend extended periods on holiday at our parks, you are unable to live in them as a permanent residence.

Our owners must have a permanent residential address where they pay the relevant tax. As a responsible company, we conduct annual checks and request proofs of address.

What is a ‘Site Fee’?

At Leisure Resorts, the site fee (also known as pitch fee or ground rent) refers to the annual payment made by owners of holiday homes and lodges for the use and maintenance of their pitch within the park. The site fee encompasses a range of services and facilities provided by Leisure Resorts, ensuring a high-quality and luxurious experience for our owners.

The site fee covers various elements, including grounds maintenance, landscaping, security measures, waste disposal, water and sewerage services, and the general upkeep of communal areas within the park environment. These services contribute to maintaining the overall beauty and functionality of the park. The specific amount of the site fee at Leisure Resorts varies depending on the specific park.

For the current year (2024), the site fees are as follows:
Angrove Country Park: £5,561 per annum
Ullswater Heights: £7,041 per annum
Aysgarth Lodge Holidays: £7,950 per annum

As a new customer, you will benefit from the first 12 months’ site fee being included, triggered from the day you take ownership of your holiday home or lodge (also known as Handover). Following this promotional period, a pro-rata site fee will be calculated and invoiced up to the next site fee cycle. For more information on this, please speak to a member of our team.

When considering the purchase of a holiday home or lodge at Leisure Resorts, it is crucial to factor in the site fee as part of your overall budget. Understanding what the site fee covers and being aware of any potential increases or adjustments in the future will ensure transparency and assist you in making an informed decision about your investment in our parks.

What other running costs should I consider?

In addition to the annual site fee, there are several other running costs to consider when buying a holiday home/lodge:

Utilities: You will be responsible for paying for utilities such as electricity & gas. The cost will depend on your individual usage of your holiday home/lodge, with usage for each measured by a meter.

We partner with reputable energy providers & manage the negotiation of unit rates on your behalf, passing these on directly with no markup.

Insurance: As part of the Site Licence Agreement, your holiday home/lodge must be fully insured annually, which typically includes buildings and contents.

As with bricks and mortar, the cost of insurance can vary based on factors like the value of your holiday home/lodge and the level of coverage you choose.

For your convenience, we work alongside a reputable insurance broker, Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited (Gallagher), from whom we can arrange suitable cover for your holiday home/lodge at an appropriate premium.

TV Licence: Under UK law, you will need a licence to watch or record TV programmes, stream live TV or use an online streaming service.

Hot tubs: If you decide to purchase a holiday home/lodge with the added benefit of a hot tub, there will be an annual charge of £695 + VAT. This nominal charge covers the general upkeep of your hot tub in accordance with HSE guidelines. It includes services such as emptying and refilling the hot tub, energy management to reduce unnecessary consumption, dry oxide cleaning, and regular chemical checks.

Can I sublet my holiday home?

In short, no. However, there are occasional opportunities at Leisure Resorts where a holiday home with a managed ‘sublet option’ can be purchased at the discretion of Leisure Resorts.

It’s important to note that these managed sublets are intended to contribute towards the running costs of a holiday home/lodge and not to operate as a business with high returns.

The managed sublet option is subject to strict terms and conditions and requires an annual agreement.

Do I have to change my caravan every 5 or 10 years?

No, not at all. Unlike most other operators, our owners can enjoy their holiday home/lodge for as long as they like, provided the holiday home/lodge is safe and well-maintained.

At Leisure Resorts, the initial license periods for new holiday homes/lodges are as follows:

20 years for a new holiday home/single lodge measuring 13ft.
25 years for a new holiday home/single lodge measuring 14ft to 16ft.
50 years for a new double lodge measuring 16ft or above.

For pre-owned holiday homes/lodges, the license period reduces based on the year of manufacture. For example, if purchased in 2023, a pre-owned double lodge manufactured in 2019 would benefit from a 46-year license period.

When approaching the end of the license period, the park team will contact you to discuss options, which may include renewal for a fixed term, subject to satisfactory checks and conditions.

What is a licence agreement?

Here at Leisure Resorts, we uphold the codes and good practices set out by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA), the official representative body of the holiday park industry. When you purchase a holiday home/lodge with us, we provide you with a comprehensive set of documents which must be read & signed by all parties.

Within these documents, there are two agreements in accordance with the BH&HPA guidelines.

The first agreement is called the ‘Sales Invoice’ (also referred to as the ‘Purchase Agreement’), which sets out the purchase details, along with the terms and conditions of the purchase. This agreement ensures clarity and transparency throughout the buying process.

The second agreement is the ‘License Agreement,’ which outlines the terms on which you can station your holiday home at Leisure Resorts. This agreement defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of your tenure on the holiday home pitch for the specified period.

By adhering to these agreements, we aim to provide you with a secure and worry-free experience, ensuring your enjoyment and satisfaction as an owner of a holiday home at Leisure Resorts.

Can we bring our dog?

We warmly welcome dogs at all our parks, but we have a few guidelines in place to ensure a harmonious experience for both pet owners and non-pet owners. To maintain a comfortable environment, we kindly request that:

  • Dogs are kept on their lead at all times while outside of the holiday home/lodge
  • We kindly ask that any fouling be promptly and responsibly disposed of in a suitable manner, using the disposal bins provided and maintaining cleanliness throughout the park.
  • In compliance with the Dangerous Dog Act 1991, the following dog breeds are not permitted on the premises at any time: Pit-bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero & XL Bully dogs.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable environment, allowing everyone to fully appreciate their time at our resort.

Is finance available?

Yes. As a fully authorised and regulated intermediary, we are permitted to introduce you to a limited number of lenders who can provide funding designed to meet your specific needs.

For more information about funding your holiday home/lodge click here. Alternatively, please speak with a member of our qualified park team, who’ll be to provide unbiased information and guide you through any application process.

Note: Finance is subject to deposit criteria. Written quotations are available on request.

If I decide to proceed with a purchase, what happens next?

To secure your holiday home at Leisure Resorts, we kindly request a minimum of 10% deposit. Once the deposit is paid, we will provide you with a sales invoice (sometimes referred to as the ‘purchase agreement’), and license agreement for your review and signature. It is important to note that we offer a standard 5-day cooling-off period, starting from the date of your deposit payment.

During this cooling-off period, you have the opportunity to carefully consider your decision. In the rare event that you choose to cancel the sales agreement within this timeframe, the agreement will be terminated, with the deposit refunded.

We strive to ensure transparency and fairness in our policies, and this cooling-off period allows you to make an informed choice while providing protection for both parties involved.

Why choose Leisure Resorts?

We offer three multi-award-winning parks built with meticulous attention to detail, all offering breathtaking settings where you can own your dream holiday home. With exceptional service, exclusive owner benefits, and a focus on quality, we go above and beyond to ensure your ownership experience is truly exceptional.

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